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September 22, 2017
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Plumber Fixes Kitchen Sink

Plumber Fixes Kitchen SinkMany plumbing repair tasks are things you could do yourself, but there are good reasons to hire a plumber instead. The bigger the job, the less sense it makes to do it yourself, especially if you are new to home repair or if you operate a brick-and-mortar business where the plumbing absolutely has to be in good working order. Calling a plumber is often the best bet for at least five reasons.

1. Diagnostic Work:

Your plumbing problem may have a hidden cause or causes. The problem may be causing damage you cannot see. A professional plumber will be able to diagnose the problem. Both the investigation and reporting are extremely valuable and something that can’t be duplicated by the average homeowner. A problem in the septic system or in pipes buried under the yard might not turn up in a casual inspection of some pipes and fixtures. The plumber will check the status of the whole system.

2. Permanent Solutions:

Homeowners can perform simple and temporary plumbing repairs. But, the same diagnostic work the plumber provides can also reveal a permanent solution to the issue. Spending extra money up front to find and fix a hidden problem like this often ends up being cheaper. Patches and home repairs might need to be undone and replaced with something permanent anyway.

3. Multiple Services:

A plumber will be trained in a range of plumbing repair and installation tasks. The plumber will also have whatever specialized tools the job requires. If you want to redo the bathroom or build an outdoor kitchen, it just makes sense to hire someone who is familiar with the work required. Additionally, your work may require permits and approvals. Using an expert ensures that the plumbing work can be approved and will be done right.

4. Insurance Liability:

Many people think about saving money by doing their own work, but this approach can backfire. This becomes an issue if anything goes wrong on the job. If your bathroom repair does $2,000 in water damage, your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s policy won’t cover it. The cost of redoing the work and the $2,000 could be coming out your pocket. A professional is highly unlikely to make whatever mistake caused that damage.

5. Time is Money:

You can replace the old kitchen faucet for free, but it takes time to do the work and learn how. What if you need to go buy a tool? You could just pay someone to install the faucet in about 15 minutes and take care of other tasks. Maybe your time would be put to better use studying or applying for a job. If you own a business, the plumbing problem needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, so you can get back to work. A professional plumber will be able to complete the needed repairs much more quickly than an amateur, with less chance of causing any additional problems.

Plumbers also provide effective and fast emergency service that can save you money. You might be able to fix a small problem yourself, but major water leaks and problems in the pipes require the services of a trained plumber.

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