Toilet & Sink Repairs in Redding, California


Flappers, fill valves, flush valves, handles, etc.

There’s no doubt about it—a toilet is an essential part of your home. Thanks to the wonders of modern plumbing systems, you no longer need an outhouse. But you do need a working toilet. Is it the flapper or the flange, the fill valve or the flush valve, or something else entirely? Optimize Plumbing is skilled at identifying which part of the toilet requires repair. We’ll also let you know if there are too many repairs needed and you’re better off just getting a replacement.


Faucets, garbage disposals, supply lines, etc.

A broken sink is no joke. It can hobble up your daily routine in no time and prevent you from making a tasty meal or removing germs from your hands. If your sink has sprung a leak, drains very slowly, or suffers from low water pressure, it’s time to call Optimize Plumbing for a much-needed sink repair at your Redding home. Sometimes, it’s a faulty faucet while other times it’s the garbage disposal or the pipes under the sink, or worse, a clog in the septic or sewer pipes. Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to help you get back to your normal lifestyle.

Tubs & Showers

Faucets, drain strainers, handles, taps, etc.

Normally, you just step into the tub or shower and enjoy a long, hot shower or soak, but when there are plumbing issues, it kills that possibility really fast. At Optimize Plumbing, we don’t just do toilet and sink repairs—we also do tub and shower plumbing repairs. Whether your tub is draining slowly or the faucet is leaking, we know how to fix the issue. When we’re done, you’ll be able to take a shower or enjoy a bubble bath without having to deal with disgusting backwash from your drain.